Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Military life and school have taken me away from my two passions for 3-4 years now.  School is done for the next couple of years and my Air Force career is as settled as it is going to be, meaning I can spend time with my wife and daughter again...and I can write again!

I am insecure about publishing my work of horror short stories: Dreadful.  I am going the Amazon e-book route because I honestly can't live two lives.  I can't be a dedicated Air Force officer, with all that entails, and give the business side of my writing the fair chance and time it necessitates.  I can only hope that my work will be not just good but meaningful to people.  There are a few running themes in these stories and my wish is that, having read them, my audience will be not disturbed but curious.  I am not a person of faith, but believe our senses do us a disservice.  There is more than we can see, hear, and touch.  The possibilities are all around us, just out of range.

Fellow Insecure Writers


  1. It's a lot to juggle. You'll have to plan your marketing well. But it can be done! Congratulations.
    And welcome to the IWSG.

  2. Thanks for the support! I don't get much action on this page :)